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Fluent in tax and securities law, BGO has chosen dispute resolution as its primary focus since 1977. 

Dispute resolution includes anticipating and sidestepping disputes through affirmative planning as well as taking cases to trial where the parties cannot reach settlement.

Today BGO attorneys have well over 100 years of combined legal experience obtained working together at BGO.

Are you familiar with law? You certainly know life. BGO is passionate about helping clients through the vicissitudes of life. 

With the experience to anticipate and sidestep disputes through affirmative planning and with the experience to provide calm as disputes are resolved, BGO‘s work includes diverse practice areas. Click here to see BGO's list of practice areas. 


Recognized for its Pro Bono work, BGO donates significant resources working with clients who are not asked to pay. In 2010 the Alaska Bar Association named BGO shareholder Chris Brecht Pro Bono Practitioner of the Year. 

BGO also donates to the community through Pro Bono representation of nonprofit organizations large (like Universities) and small (like the local high school booster club). 

BGO joins with all of Alaska in responding to tragedy, such as the September 11, 2011 attack on the U.S. and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, including with organizational work for nonprofits whose specific mission is to respond.

As you look around and travel Alaska, certainly all parts of Anchorage, chances are BGO has been there helping solve a difficult legal problem. Click here to see a list of the types of clients BGO has the privilege to represent. 

​​There is a simple truth that pursuing interests outside your field makes you better at what you do. At BGO our outside interests include athletics, community service, creative writing, flying small aircraft around our great state, hiking, history, historical fencing, hunting and fishing, literature, and poetry.

In law you need to stay loose, like an expert boxer entering the squared circle or an expert pianist going on stage. If you’re not too tight, you’re able to think on your feet such as when you’re before a Judge or panel of Justices at oral argument. Mental footwork is what you need in tough negotiations such as with the Internal Revenue Service over technical points of tax law.

Part of staying loose is not taking yourself too seriously and taking breaks from the necessary daily study of law to consider other disciplines.

The avocations of BGO's attorneys as well as their backgrounds reinforce the frank and straight-forward, call-it-as-it-is approach for which BGO is known.

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